All business records were released as public record by the government. A source for each record may be found on the corresponding record details page.

Public records are information released by the government into the public domain. They are vital to a free and democratic society, empowering citizens to have the knowledge and access to information that is crucial to transparency, accountability, and understanding of both governmental and consumer affairs and interests.

A trade name or DBA (Doing Business As) is an alias a business registers in order to legally conduct business under a name other than their official business registration name.

The date the information was last updated depends on each particular source. The date can generally be found on the details page for a business in the "Source" section.

The business records were released as public record by the associated government agency. These records may contain names and other contact information the government deemed should be released as public record.

Adding/updating information should be done directly through the government agency associated with the business registration.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the public records as released by the government we do not remove public information from this site. The same business registration data can be found on numerous other websites including the official government public records which are accessible to the public.