Cabot Community Outreach Ministries

St Cabot, AR
Good Standing

Cabot Community Outreach Ministries in St Cabot, AR lists Bert Recla and Gwen Headley as officers/associates. The business is listed at 1400 S Pne, ST Cabot, AR 72023. Mike Paul is the registered agent for this business. The status for this business is listed as good standing and was registered in Arkansas on 04/15/2014.

Business Registration Details

04/15/2014 8 years 10 months ago
Nonprofit Corporation
Good Standing

Financial Information for Cabot Community Outreach Ministries

Form 990N


1400 South PINE STREET, Cabot, AR 72023 EIN:46-5440178 Rob Davis (Officer) 2017 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood, AR 72023
Year Gross Receipts Over 25K Terminated
2021 Yes No
Tax Returns based on Form 990 & 990N.

Owners, Officers, & Associates

Mike Paul(Registered Agent)
Bert Recla(Director)
Bert Recla(Incorporator/Organizer)
Gwen Headley(Incorporator/Organizer)
Johnnie Baker(Incorporator/Organizer)
Mike Paul(Director)
Mike Paul(Incorporator/Organizer)
Robert Davis(Director)

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