Birdwell Enterprises, Inc.

Acres Searcy, AR
Not Current

Birdwell Enterprises, Inc. in Acres Searcy, AR lists Charles A Wigginton and Sean Birdwell as officers/associates. The business is listed at 184 Kike, Acres Searcy, AR 72143. Sean Birdwell is the registered agent for this business. Birdwell Automotive is an associated trade name for the business. The status for this business is listed as not current and was registered in Arkansas on 02/03/1997.

Business Registration Details

02/03/1997 26 years ago
For Profit Corporation
Not Current

Financial Information for Birdwell Enterprises, Inc.

PPP Loans


184 Kiki Acres, SEARCY, AR 72143-9319 Industry:General Automotive Repair Ethnicity:Not Hispanic or Latino Race:White Veteran:No
Loan Date Approved Forgiven Lender Jobs
04/16/2020 Approved$6,600 Forgiven$6,641 LenderFirst Security Bank Jobs1 04/16/2020 $6,600 $6,641 First Security Bank 1
PPP Loans based on Paycheck Protection Program.

Owners, Officers, & Associates

Sean Birdwell(Registered Agent)
Charles A Wigginton(Tax Preparer)
Sean Birdwell(President)

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