All Phase Electric, L.L.C.

Montgomery, AL

All Phase Electric, L.L.C. in Montgomery, AL lists Shores, Guy L and Shores, Todd L as officers/associates. The business is listed at 1804 Woodmere Loop, Montgomery, AL 36117. Shores, Todd L is the registered agent for this business. The status for this business is listed as exists and was registered in Alabama on 05/21/1997.

Business Registration Details

05/21/1997 25 years 10 months ago
656 - 664
Domestic Limited Liability Company

Financial Information for All Phase Electric, L.L.C.

PPP Loans


999 Lagoon Business Loop, Montgomery, AL 36117-8609 Industry:Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
Loan Date Approved Forgiven Lender Jobs
02/13/2021 Approved$292,310 Forgiven$293,910 LenderValley National Bank Jobs29 02/13/2021 $292,310 $293,910 Valley National Bank 29
04/07/2020 Approved$276,760 Forgiven$278,321 LenderValley National Bank Jobs23 04/07/2020 $276,760 $278,321 Valley National Bank 23
PPP Loans based on Paycheck Protection Program.

Owners, Officers, & Associates

Shores, Todd L(Registered Agent)
Shores, Guy L(Member)
Shores, Todd L(Member)

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