Alaska Primary Care Association, Inc.

Anchorage, AK
Good Standing

Alaska Primary Care Association, Inc. in Anchorage, AK lists Ben Wright and Carol Austerman as officers/associates. The business is listed at 3111 C ST STE 500, Anchorage, AK 99503. Nancy Merriman is the registered agent for this business. The status for this business is listed as good standing and was registered in Alaska on 02/28/1995.

Business Registration Details

02/28/1995 27 years 11 months ago
United States
Nonprofit Corporation
Good Standing

Owners, Officers, & Associates

Nancy Merriman(Registered Agent)
Ben Wright(Director)
Carol Austerman(Secretary)
Charlene Tautfest(Director)
Cindy Bradford(Director)
Craig Ambrosiani(Treasurer)
Don Black(Director)
Douglas Eby, Md(Director)
Emily Read(Director)
Eric Gettis(Director)
Este Fielding(Director)
Jennifer Dewinne(Director)
Jennifer Swift, Anp(Director)
Kevin Munson(Director)
Mary Swain(Vice President)
Mata Rukovishnikoff(Director)
Megan Mackiernan(Director)
Melanee Tiura(Director)
Melinda Peter(Director)
Melody West(President)
Mike Pfeffer(Director)
Nancy Merriman(Director)
Paul Mueller(Director)
Rhoda Jensen(Director)
Sharon Kurz(Director)
Steve Gallagher(Director)
Susan Hoeldt(Director)
Tammy Green(Director)
Tawny Buck(Director)
Donald Black(Director)
Jennifer Swift(Director)
Kevin Munson(President)
Mary Swain(Secretary)
Melody West(Vice President)

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