Barclays Capital Real Estate Inc.

New York, NY
Good Standing

Barclays Capital Real Estate Inc. in New York, NY lists Antonio Vitetta and Barry O'brien as officers/associates. The business is listed at 745 Seventh Ave, New York, NY 10019. The status for this business is listed as good standing and was registered in Alaska on 01/09/2014.

Business Registration Details

01/09/2014 9 years ago
United States
Business Corporation
Good Standing

Owners, Officers, & Associates

Corporation Service Company(Registered Agent)
Antonio Vitetta(Vice President)
Barry O'brien(Vice President)
Beatrice Ann Montaudy(Vice President)
Daniel Schmidt(Vice President)
Daniel Vinson(Director)
Daniel Vinson(Vice President)
Larry Kravetz(Director)
Larry Kravetz(President)
Mark E. Wuest(Vice President)
Mark Grey(Director)
Mark Grey(Treasurer)
Robert Silverman(Vice President)
Spencer Kagan(Director)
Spencer Kagan(Vice President)
C T Corporation System(Registered Agent)
Joseph Bova(Director)
Joseph Bova(Treasurer)
Mark Wuest(Director)
Mark Wuest(Vice President)
Rohit Chaku(Director)
Rohit Chaku(President)
Tambra King(Secretary)
Theresa Riley(Vice President)
Yakov Mirocznik(Director)

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